Thursday, December 8, 2011

2011's Goofiest Fashion Trends

((Just for the record, this is an opinion based website, also known as a BLOG. While I have spent all of my adult working life in the fashion and beauty industry, you may OR may not agree with all I have to say, and that's great. TELL me about it. Leave a comment!!))

2011's Goofiest Fashion Trends


Ugg Ugly

This lingering trend has been around for far too long.

I love Ugg Boots...the Uggs meant for cold weather wear!! But, the ones these girls prance around in as winter boots are appropriate as indoor slippers only. I don't get why you would waste the money on a pair that is about to be demolished shortly by Rochester's snow, salt and winter grime. 

THAT's not even the worst of it. It is really a fashion mistake- they make every woman's leg look shorter, like she has cankles. Unless you have never ending leg, why? Why?! I will tell you: it's simply the age old need for name-brand recognition (and a few really nice people who got thrown onto the trend because they just can't think for themselves).

The Harem Pant,  aka "Diaper Pants"

This trend just doesn't make sense, here in the states. The inseam appears to never end. It poofs up when you sit down giving ladies man-crotch. The sape doesn't do anything for your hips whatsoever. Those to dare dawn this trend are mostly uber-skinny models and fashion students hawking new trends constantly. 

For whatever reason, I dig it. Maybe it's the fashion major in me. I am guilty of rocking this trend...and as long as I am standing whenever photographed, it looks pretty cool. [insert laugh here]

Half Shaved,  Long-Haired Cuts

I have to admit, I kinda love this trend, goofy as it is. There is no common sense reason behind this- it grows out horribly. But, maybe it is the part of me that finds Native American imagery interesting. Or,  perhaps, it is just the simple surprise factor, that punk "I don't give a f***" what people have to say.

A suggestion for the brave few: if you are going to go embrace this trend, eye-liner will be your best friend. Remind them that you are a lady, after all.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Things My Mother Never Told Me: Body Waxing

If your mom was a teen in the 60s, 70s or 80s, there is a social disconnect when it comes to feminine hygiene/grooming....I know it's taboo to type about, but c'mon many times have I been asked "Psst, I know this is kinda weird BUT what do you think about Brazilian waxing verse laser treatments?" when I start to wax someone's eyebrows?

Every woman who is even old enough to even consider waxing has a mother raised in the good old safari bush days, if you know what I mean.

Two things that I should state. Woman (and men) of all ages wrap your heads around this:

1. It is OK to wipe out the map. The new territory is there to be discovered.
2. On the other hand, it is OK to prefer a rustic, earthy approach to living. Your jungle was created that way for a reason- a little extra protection never hurt anyone.

Herein lies the problem. Just keep it groomed. NO one in public wants to get a glimpse of anything past that bikini line.

What about bumps? Pimples? Ingrown hairs?
After you get it waxed (or lasered), keep your skin exfoliated and you will be fine. Razoring down there is a load of nonsense and is way too scratchy (for you AND other people).

Note: you will also get more longevity between waxes if you do NOT shave in between your appointments.

How badly does it hurt? I am not going to sugar coat this. Your lady (or man) parts are getting waxed. Its like big band-aids getting ripped off your skin. But, for the sake of human decency, choose pride, here. Choose pride.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The 1940s Stole My Heart

Ever think you were born in the wrong time period?  The colors of fashion this Fall are so entirely vintage American, I just could not be happier. True mustard yellow, deep burnt oranges, mulberry meets plum, navy blues that lean towards royal, army greens... I want it all.

 Mash that up with tweeds, cable knits, denim and some fabulous structured silhouettes with a waistline that really destroy any overindulgent 80's-esque costume nonsense trying to vie its way into our hearts at the local mall.

Hair and makeup get a rejuvinating kick too with soft romantic silhouettes, curls abundant. Makeup looks that enhance all feminine features, rather than suggest ambiguity, are reminding us that we may chose suggestive eyes and kissable lips over blatant outcries for attention.

Oh, 1940s, let's return to this nostalgic moment. Throw some Count Basie into your record player and pull out The Andrews Sisters Christmas album because real-home, "down earth" melodies and elegant style is back. It is that authenticity that we all crave and it's just perfectly in time for the holidays.

Top photo from, Tory Burch Shirt Dress; Bottom photos from, backstage at Dior Spring 2010

Monday, November 14, 2011

Things My Mother Never Told Me: Makeup

As woman, we have all had that Ah-HA moment when we learned something about image that our mother failed to teach us as young ladies...and so begins the series "Things My Mother Never Told Me."

1. Makeup: Cream on Cream, Powder on Powder.

Somewhere between concealer, foundation and setting powder, the order of everything else was completely left out. And, if you are anything like me, you improvised. WRONG.

Anything creamy or liquid should go on before dry, powdery products. This means, eye liners (creamy) before shadow (powder). Common sense- the shadow SETS the liner and keeps it from traveling. THEN, if need be, go back and add an accent or two atop your shadow. But, take it from my trial and error, it is annoying when liquid liner goes skidding across already powdered skin.

2. Makeup: Curl Lashes BEFORE Mascara

Honestly, you are just wasting mascara and giving yourself more cleanup to do if you apply before curling. Avoiding curling altogether by priming the lashed instead.

3. Makeup: Primer, What is It?

It is what it sounds like. It's just like balancing and prepping your walls for a new paint job. Skin Primer goes on after your moisturizer and before your foundation to even out skin discoloration and make your makeup last hours and hours longer without constantly touching it up. A 20th century gift to woman.

Lash Primer goes on before mascara and works wonders to protect and plump lashes. Also, prevents mascara from getting crispy on your tender lids.

4. Makeup: HOW to Look Bronzed Without Bronzer

It's ok to use two shades of foundation for dimension, rather than bronzing your cheeks to death with powder. Foundation glows from the inside out and looks much more natural and subtle.

5. Makeup: Camera Nightmare

Foundations with SPF of 20 or higher can create glare ("shine") when reflecting light of a camera. Stick to SPF 15 or lower in your daily lotions and foundations. Better yet, steer yourself in the direction of foundations MADE  to be used under lights.

Andrea's Top Picks: Foundation and Mascara

  • Foundation Lancome Photogenic, Arbonne Liquid, HD Makeup Forever...these feel so breathable and balance tone in photos
  • Mineral Powder: Arbonne ...your skin will be glowing.
  • Setting Powder: MakeupForever HD Microfinish Setting Powder...softens overall makeup without in any way altering the colors.\
  • Primer: Makeup Forever has everything from clear to tinted primer for controlling color imbalances in skin's tones...balances skin tones, makeup lasts for the entire day.
  • Mascara: Lancome Primer and classic Definicils Mascara. Naturally defined lashes... I try to cheat on Definicils, but find myself going back again and again, dissatisfied with so-called competitors.

Photo Credits: Photo by Hannah Betts, Hair/Makeup by myself, Andrea Galdieri Bonawitz, Model Anna Dana

Shoe Essentials Fall/Winter 2011

.Shoes. Cant's live with out them. Really, truly a personal favorite. Keep your eyes peeled for these Fall/Winter Essentials:

Riding Boots. Preferably in cognac or some grey tone. Mmm, so wonderful and comfy.

 Oxfords: cute, gender bending. Buy them in leather, canvas, or suede...just get a pair. Any color, nuetral or bright will do. For shorter legs, I suggest buying a pair with a built in heel or wedge. Wedge oxfords are my favorite

Flirty Maryjanes. Update your closet. Softly pointed toes and a nod to the 40s are all around us. Engage your desire to play dress-ups.

Army influenced desert boots. A tip: wear them with short, tights and thin scrunch-able socks to show off the boot as a main accessory...a perfect way to transition from summer wardrobe to fall.

Images: Top Center Tall Color Block BDG Boot, Center Right 80%20 Oxfords, Center Left Minna Parikka Heart Maryjane, Bottom Center Clarks Desert Mali Distressed Suede Boot

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What to Know Before the Show

Lately, my clients have been interested in going to Fashion events in Rochester and the biggest question seems to be, "What is it like?" This usually means is, "What should I expect? Can anybody go? Will I feel out of place? What should I wear?"

The thing that separates the International Fashion Week that takes place in NYC, Londan, Milan and Paris from Rochester fashion events is being "fashion forward" as a opposed to fashion of the now. Our local events revolve around retailers showing off their current seasonal stock. During International Fashion Week, designers are previewing their collections a year in advance for retailers (buyers) to purchase. This means that the Fall Collections shown in Milan will be the styles that we begin to purchase and see in Rochester Boutiques in Fall 2012.

As tomorrow night is the kickoff to Fashion Week of Rochester with a Boutique Crawl, I am here to answer your questions.  

What should I expect? 

Lots of people, a lot of ladies traveling from boutique to boutique dressed sharply but not too fancy to be getting in and out of the car. Boutiques will have their best foot forward with a spread of wine and some cheese or fruit. Most likely, there will be local models milling about the store wearing the merchandise. 

At fashion shows, expect people to look sassy, be drinking a decent amount and be viewing upcoming displays of the vendor's merchandise for the season.Often there is a mini-performance during intermission.

Can Anybody go? Will I Feel Out of Place?

Anybody can go to the boutique crawl. Anybody can go to fashion shows, typically, although tickets should be purchased in advance. Feeling out of place is all about YOUR attitude. Go in a sassy outfit with a pep in your step and you will blend right in. 

What should I wear?

This is an excuse to look fabulous with no holds barred. Go for it. Dress up as much as you want. I suggest starting the outfit out right with some spectacular shoes and building your look from there. Just keep in mind that Rochester weather can be finicky! Bring an umbrella.

WARNING: Do not go in Jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers. You will look frumptastic and be casually dismissed immediately. I hate to sound superficial, but c'mon. It's a fashion event. Take some pride in yourself!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

On the Town: Two Events

Each Fall Rochester has it's own twist on Fashion Week with two events worth penciling into your calendar.

Dado's Fall Fashion Show

Dado's Fall/Winter fashion show is TOMORROW and Tuesday night at Good Luck restaurant at 8pm. Formerly a one night affair, this shows increasing interest and attendance. While the retail clothing is the star of the show, other highlights include Jewelry by Mann's Jeweler's and a guest performance by Rochester City Ballet. Proceeds benefit the Wilmot Cancer Center. Tickets available at Dado Boutique...currently standing room only tickets available. 

A three day event called "Fashion Week" in honor of the International Fashion week happening each September. Rochester's version consists of a Thursday night boutique crawl and three fashion shows. It boasts collaboration among local boutiques, retailers, salons, and accessory designers. Note: must buy tickets in advance for the fashion shows. This year's events take place October 14th, 15th, and 16th. Ticket locations below. 

Panache Vintage & Finer Consignment
(585) 473-5343

2 Chic Boutique
(585) 271-6111

The Center for Youth
(585) 271-7670

Suzanne's Distinctive Fashions
(585) 383-1810

Scott Miller Pittsford Location
(585) 264-9940

Scott Miller Webster Location
(585) 264 9940

 (photo from my personal collection)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

How Skinny Should My Tie Be?

Rule of thumb, gentlemen: your tie should be an appropriate width-to-body-mass ratio.

With the trend towards skinnier and skinnier ties, we make a nod to all things MadMen and every other 60s based tv show hitting the channels this fall (Pan Am, The Play Boy Club). But, seriously fellas, take a good look in the mirror and make an informed decision. "Does this make me look like I am wearing  a piece of fruit-by-the-foot?" A slender man with a slender tie= dashing. A big dude with a skinny tie has created a disproportionate suggestion that he is even larger. 

Need a guide? Keep the width no wider than a roll of extra wide duct tape and no skinnier than the width of your two index fingers. And this my own personal suggestion- a tie should never be skinnier than one's belt. 

The retro-inspired skinny tie image is not complete unless paired with NONpleated dress pants and/or a sleek, fitted suit.

Cheerio, my dapper men. Cheerio.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

MORE Closet Cleansing! Keeping the Basics

Half the battle of cleaning and clearing the closet is knowing WHAT to keep.  Check out these basic checklists to see if your wardrobe is passing or failing.

A woman's closet should have:

  • a versatile little, black dress and heels
  • a crisp white t-shirt to be worn with dark denim
  • both a pair of boot cut and a pair of straight/skinny jeans
  • a sassy black pencil skirt hitting slightly above to slightly below the knee
  • black dress pants that make your ass look amazing
  • 2-5 button down dress shirts in classic colors and weaves (ex pin stripe)
  • plenty of liner tanks
  • various cardigans in neutral colors
  • a pair of adorable red shoes
  • ballet flats (neutral colors)
  • bras & intimates; underwear in both black and skin tone
  • a black, dressy wool coat for colder weather
  • a tailored, feminine trench coat

 A man's closet should have...
  • more ties than dress shirts
  • 5-10 button down collared shirts including white and classic blue
  • dress shoes in black, brown, and white for good measure
  • socks appropriate for dress shoes
  • a couple v-neck sweaters and zip/button up sweaters for layering
  • at least, one tailored suit
  • a few well-fitted classic white t-shirts 
  • a few pairs of tailored denim
  • a pair casual sneakers that would be considered a hybrid between sneaker and dress shoe (Slip-ons are often the best).  

Sunday, September 11, 2011

In the Know: Cool Metal Jewelry

It is hard for me to tell you. I selfishly want to keep this amazing little secret to myself. But, today I gave myself a talkin' to and decided you all just need to know. Marissa of Interstellar Love Craft has the best deal on  handmade metal jewelry that you are going to find in Rochester. 

I do not frequently find myself to be a repeat customer with jewelry but WOW. I am on my fifth piece already. Marissa's aesthetic is refreshing. She plays with metal in an both earthy  and geomtric styles. I have gotten compliments every time I wear my pieces. The prices are fair, even on the special order items. My last piece was a special order that she let me help design. She didn't up-charge for the request and didn't mind when I asked for an extension on the chain. 

My next piece is going to be bringing her some of my favorite material (fool's gold/pyrite) and seeing what she want to do with it....can NOT wait. 

You best get some pieces by this niche designer before the demand begins driving prices up. 
Support a cool person who is creating a style for a very select crowd, here in Rochester.

Interstellar Love Craft . Marissa currently works in a studio at 250 Goodman St, #203. She has shown her jewelry at Java's Hearts & Crafts events and at the 2011 Clothesline Fest and will be at Artist Row Sunday, September 18th at the Rochester Public Market (10am-4pm).

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Closet Cleansing 101

If Fall motivates anything in Western New York, it's a good shopping spree. Colors on the trees, feeling the breeze for the first time in months, and of course back-to-school-back-to-the-grind reminders that, alas, summer DIES for good when the seasons change around here. Play time is over. But not for your closet it isn't.

Some pointers for re-addressing the closet as you clean and clear it this fall:

If it's a classic and you have not worn it in a year, ditch it or replace.Classics- things like black dress pants, the little black dress, your husband's dress shoes.

If it's a trend item and you haven't worn it in 3 months, ditch it. Example - a blouse with nontraditional sleeves, a pair of pants with an extra long inseam, something in a color popular only this year.

If you have to ask yourself IF you look good, tell yourself to feel good, or wonder if it's too young for you, ditch it. Life is too short to suffer with image complexes. Wear what feels natural and makes your attributes look like attributes.

If you have 3 or more versions of the same item, ditch the excess. How many blue t-shirts do you need?Keep one plus another for backup.

If you love, love, love it so much that it's pilling, ripped, or faded, replace it asap!

Things to ditch this year:

Mommy Ass Jeans...that's right. Just because some 20-year-old can pull off a 1992 Kate Moss high waist, acid wash denim "retro" trend does NOT mean you can.

Uber Pointy Shoes or early 2000's Chunky Shoes. OUT.

KEEP it IF...

You wear it every week. (Your favorite high heels/dress shoes.)

It's lends itself to layering.(Cardigans, liner tanks or t-shirts...that shirt that never seems to get sweat-stained.)

You always feel good about your body when you wear it. KEEP.

It hangs well and rarely needs to be ironed.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

1970s Flair

Spring 2011 runway had a distinctive lean towards the 1970's and WE LOVE IT!

Characterizing features: 

  • waists that fall well above the natural waistline
  • waists that fall well below the natural waistline, to hip line
  • elegant hems JUST grazing the floor line
  • long flowing hair with head band and head wrap detail
  • colors- cobalt blue, almost burnt orange, deep mulberry, beige sand tones

Runway Samples

Marc Jacobs

Emilio Pucci
Marc Jacobs
Emilio Pucci

Get the Look

Armani Colezioni available at Neiman Marcus
Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters


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