Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall Return to Femininity: The Elegant Hippie

This Summer's quintessential hippie style has evolved into a Fall 2012 return to glamour. Curvy woman are tired of styles that look like a tent. Slender woman want to demonstrate their assets as well. Have YOU been wondering how to wear the soft, billowy trends without loosing your best attributes or drowning in fringe?

Free Form, Shapeless, Fringe-y: Summer 2012 Hippie Style

That's where the 1930s come into the picture.

The truth is that the late 60s/early 70s hippie style wasn't just urban and native American influenced. In fact, the shape of clothing was paying tribute to the beauty of 1930s starlets, from sweeping a-lines, to the sex-pot, high-waisted, man-inspired suits. The exaggeration of the hourglass shape wasn't about pushing up your curves. On the contrary, it was about creating a gorgeous silhouette, starting with the defined shoulder. The 1930s was the birthplace of the hippie, the elegant hippie.  

Dress the Elegant Hippie, based on body type:

For Pear Shaped women: balance your curves by exaggerating the width of your shoulders. Well-constructed pants favor your hips, rather than hide them.
Shoulder Emphasis

Carousel item
Tilda Swinton
Antropologie, Cacoon shape creates width above waist. SHOP IT

Hourglass and Voluptuous Women: emphasize your beautiful sternum and bust-line with fabulous necklines and feminine construction. The boat-neck is a classic. Sexy is the suggestive silouhette of the shape rather than the revealing of it.

Jean Harlow
Subtle, Sexy Modern Boatneck SHOP IT
Figure Phenomenal Boat-neck Sheath Dress SHOP IT

For the tall or long ruler, "boy-shaped woman": bring attention to your waistline. Create a waistline. Also, utilize multi-layered, multi-textured outfits, like no one else can.

1930s Pants

High Waist and Good construction echo 1930s and 1970s. SHOP SIMILATR

For Petite and Short Women: add length to your legs with platform heels and stick to flowing, lengthening shapes that elongate the torso without creating definite lines.

Add caption1930s early platform shoe

The Platform gained more popularity worn on Starlets such as Carmen Miranda in the 1940s. Fall 2012 Shopping Guide READ IT

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wearing Your Tagline

One of the most challenging aspects of getting dressed everyday is deciding WHO you want to be. Who you are is already unique. You have a set of skills, a sense of humor, and a history all your own. Not to mention your personal goals and fears.

How do you convey who you are in that simple "first impression"?

A quick 17 seconds is about all the time you get when someone creates a first impression. The fact is, YOU CAN'T SAY it all. In a time of snapshots, soundbites and taglines, you must edit. 

1. Decide: who you want to be. 
(Something so psychological really is at the core of getting dressed each day.)

2. Be honest: people read through bull.
(Present yourself in a genuine way. This means your facial expressions that match your outfit and clothes that match your lifestyle.)

3. Brand yourself: if your outfit was a tagline, what would it say? 
(Let this guide your shopping habits.)

Whether interviewing, on a first date, or just making an acquaintance, stepping out the door with an appearance and a smile that is honest and highlights the best in you allows the opportunity to take the next step. 

If you don't know what people see when they see you, NEITHER DO THEY. 
Only YOU can define yourself honestly and successfully.


First impression research:

First impressions are formed within 7 to 17 seconds of meeting someone;  55% of a person's opinion is determined by physical appearance (read more).

Visual first impressions count when making personality judgements (read more)

 Top photo by  Kate L Photography. 

Model, Leah Kane.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Get Out of Your [Makeup] Box

Fall 2012: What to Wear as You Pale-Out
from Andrea's Makeup Box

Want BOLD lips and afraid of committing to BRIGHT RED? Want sun-kissed cheeks without a fake-baked attention?

The Perfect Coral is the anytime answer to bold lipstick lovers and sun worshipers everywhere.

Classic Vintage Red. Can pale-out lighter skin tone.
Bold Coral Lips. Soft Coral Blush. Also sets vintage tone WHILE bringing out the color in fair skin.
Lip Stick- Coral Reef Discovered    

Fresh, pungent pigmented color! Arbonne "Coral Reef" is beautiful, botanical, and Eco-conscious. Go against the flow and throw a bright coral into your neutral fall palette. You will stand out WHILE wearing the perfect feminine pout.

Lipstick, Coral ReefOrgasm Orgasm Blush

Blush- An Orgasmic Flush

Nar's "Orgasm" Blush is an international best seller for two years and running (Beauty Inc by WWDaily).Beautiful on any skin tone, it's the perfect mash up of peachy, pinky sun-kissed tones with a hint of sheen. As your skin pales out, bronzers tends to look streaky or artificial. Orgasm is the perfect replacement for a sun-kissed flush.


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