Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Things My Mother Never Told Me: Curly Hair

Why is it that every curly-haired girl I meet has is either clueless as to styling their curls OR has some secret technique as to how to "deal" with her curls? It's like no one's mother ever taught them about curls and we live in fear.

Fear that the weather will determine how your hair behaves, fear that you will be given a lop-sided hack-job hair cut, fear that no product will ever solve your frizz problems. Is no one thrilled to have gorgeous curls?

Even as a young stylist, education was limited. I craved and sought out classes on curly hair at every hair show I would ever attend, only to be disappointed again and again that they were teaching how TO curl but not how to work with natural curl.

A solution has been found. Get yourself a copy of "Cury Girl," by Lorraine Massey and enjoy peace of mind. Curls are a blessing. When they are moisturized and handled properly, you should never fear again.

Summertime is the perfect time to start testing out these curly hair tips- go to town!!

Key Curly Tips:

  1. Over cleansing (shampooing) your curls will dry them out.
  2. Condition, condition, condition!!! 
  3. Load your hair with light weight conditioner from ROOT to end, smoothing the curl in small sections. THIS IS WHAT REMOVES FRIZZ.
  4. Apply styling products (moisturizing gels and mousses) to curls WHEN SOPPING WET, and then lightly soak up excess moisture with a microfiber towel (or paper towels). Do not twist. 
  5. At night, sleeping with a silk or satin pillowcase will minimize frizz that occurs against the pillowcase.


  1. I love you & your love for curls! Thank you for doing your research and helping all us curly girls out there understand that "you do not brush your hair like Marsha from the brady bunch" - things I wish my dad knew when I was a kid! lol LOVING my curly hair becuase of you!! :)- Michelle

  2. I’m glad that you took an interest to curly hair. Although some think that having wavy and curly locks would be difficult, there are ways to manage those curls easily. One tip is not to use a brush or comb. Brushing or combing the hair interferes with the curls’ natural formation. Use your fingers to comb your hair. Also, don’t use a conventional towel to dry your curly locks. It can absorb too much moisture, and the harsh fabric will cause it to frizz even more. Instead, use a paper towel, cotton shirt, or microfiber blanket towel to dry your curly hair.

  3. A little late to the party on this one, but as someone with naturally curly hair something that I have found also helps tremendously is to wash your hair upside down - whether that's putting your head under the spout when in the tub, or flipping your head upside down in the shower. Also, blow drying hair upside down helps a lot too. My hair tends to maintain volume on top a lot better when I do this!



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